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Custom Qualify - Our digital sales representative has a unique view into small business operations. By aggregating local business data, it accurately identifies businesses who need your product and can afford it.
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Uniquely Interact with Merchants - Our digital sales representative emulates a comprehensive human sales experience. It researches, targets, creates proposals and engages merchants with tailored content.
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Close Sales - Our digital sales representative manages the sales transaction with merchants to deliver your desired number of new customers. Receive consistent results you can rely on to scale your business and cut Customer Acquisition Costs by 25-50%.
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Mark Josephson AOL

"Our connects were up and dm conversations were better with your SmartLeads."

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Rob Angel IAC

"The amount of data per target is just impressive…much more than what we have."

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Aaron Vance NEW

"Beautiful and about time a sales solution hit the market…we need to sell better."

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Alen Malkoc Optyn

"We re-worked our numbers using your product and our business looks a lot healthier with MerchantAtlas."